Azza Abdel Aziz- Schlumberger Groups Support Springboard

01 Dec, 2008

Azza Abdel Aziz- Schlumberger Groups Support Springboard

Schlumberger has been one of the very active donors; the Schlumberger Spouses Association (SSA) and Schlumberger Excellence in Education and Development (SEED).


SSA visited schools and delivered Ramadan Parcels to 10 Schools. It made not only the girls happy but the whole family too.


SEED has been playing a very important role to 10 of our schools. They have delivered 2 computers to each school and gave training to the teachers. They also have been presenting one of their newest programs in 2008; Health, Safety and Environment for Youth (HSE). Their aim is to mobilize employees and their families to share expertise within their communities. The program empowers young people, mainly below the age of 18, to make safe and responsible decisions concerning Health, Safety and Environmental issues.


“Schlumberger’s trained HSE for Youth team decided to start its first Injury Prevention session in Sakkara - joining 51 girls from Segla and El- Moaskar Schools - on Monday November 17th. The aim of the full day session was to teach participants how to stay safe and avoid risky situations that could get them injured. The team depends on various games and practical techniques to make sure the children understand the basic idea and adhere to it in the future. The participants were divided into two groups according to their age. In the classroom, they had to watch an interactive presentation and learn how to think and react when a risky situation comes up. Afterwards, they went out to the garden to practically learn the basic body control techniques such as stepping, handling and lifting. Since working in the fields and helping with the harvest is a task for young people in the Egyptian countryside, our team made sure the children learned how to properly lift weights. It is an important lesson that could save them for injuring their bodies, especially their backs, for the rest of their lives.


Schlumberger’s team visited these schools with the intention of making a difference in the lives of these children but soon found out that the day was not just about a safety lesson. These girls enjoy the attention and appreciate the care they are given by their visitors. We all came back with a sweet sense of satisfaction, not just because we have accomplished our mission, but because we have built up a relationship that would definitely urge us to go back with more themes.”


Azza Abdel Aziz
SSA Middle East Area

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