A day at a One-Room Girl Friendly School


There are immediate benefits for the girls attending the girl-friendly schools located in rural communities in Egypt. They are exposed to various methods of educational practices that include self-education along with learning from peers, cooperative learning, and learning through projects and educational games. Also, they are taught problem-solving and analysis techniques - a new style of learning versus standard memorization used in many Egyptian schools. These practices empower the girls, improve their self-esteem, and teach them concepts that are reflected on their families later on (e.g. environmental, health …etc.)


Over the longer term, educated girls are tomorrow's educated mothers.



Here is a typical day at the girl-friendly school:

  • Physical exercises led by children
  • Punch cards (Attendance)
  • Greeting group time
  • Learning corners
  • Presentations and feedback
  • First multi-ability session
  • Recess
  • Second multi-ability session
  • Break
  • Third multi-ability session
  • Sports
  • Cleaning time
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