Dina Rafea- A New Face On Board

12 Jan, 2014

Dina Rafea- A New Face On Board

Although I used to love charity and social activities during my college days, I didn’t want to work in something like that after I graduated. The thing I wanted to do most after college was to work in a company with a big name and with big clients. I thought I will never learn something from the underprivileged people and I will only learn from those who are very well educated &in very high positions. This is what I actually did when I started my career in a very reputable company with very professional people. Although I have gained a great knowledge and learned a lot, but I always felt that there is something missing. I didn’t find my passion neither did I find myself. Therefore I decided to shift my career and look for something I used to love. Luckily I became part of the Springboard Team; now I am not only part of a big name such as Apache but also I am a part of a big cause. I know I don’t work with big clients but I work with people who have big dreams and passionate about what they are doing. Although they have the minimal resources, they have the courage to face all the challenges to become better teachers and students. Every time I visit the schools, I learn something new.  I have learned many things that were beyond my expectations. Seeing the girls loving their schools makes me proud of this project and inspires me to always deliver the best.

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