Innovative School Design




The school’s design is innovative, student-friendly and simple at the same time. It is very convenient for the modern education process because:


  1. The tower in the entrance of the school has a multi-functional structure. It acts as a natural cooling medium; it absorbs the wind from the current above the buildings and inhales it into the school, which helps maintain a cooler atmosphere inside the school during the hot weather days. The distinctive shape of the tower makes it different from any other building in the area.
  2. The stone cladding gives the school a unique look. The durability of the school and the stone cladding help reduce the effect of underground water as most of our schools are built on agricultural areas.
  3. Due to the intelligent use of space, we managed to build a spacious bathroom within a one classroom school that consists of three toilet cubicles and three sinks.
  4. The yellow color of the school makes the school fit more to the surroundings and is noticeable within the community.
  5. The sun breakers at the back of the school and the thick windows help in fracturing the sunlight entering the school and overcoming the excessive heat. It also prevents direct sunlight glare as it may bother the girls and interrupt the learning process.
  6. Some of the schools have beautiful surrounding gardens; they are protected by either stone or steel fences that provide a safe environment for the girls to have outdoor activities.

Also, Apache has assisted some of the schools in the drilling of water wells in elevated areas as they had no access to fresh water.


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