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29 Jun, 2016
With great pleasure, the Springboard team would like to share with you our latest activities during the past six months. The Summer newsletter is... read more
18 Mar, 2016
Because each Springboard teacher has a story to tell, we decided to come up with "Meet The Teacher's” Campaign. The Campaign... read more
20 Dec, 2015
It is with great pleasure that we share with you Springboard’s Newsletter of Winter 2015. 2015 has passed in a blink of an eye but it was full... read more
22 Nov, 2015
  This year’s Fun Run/walk/Cycle Day participants have made a new record which is 745 kilometers ! Springboard Team & the Wellness... read more
16 Aug, 2015
In Honor of Mr. Rod Eichler After a 21-year career, Mr. Rod Eichler (Apache’s executive vice president, advisor to the chief executive officer... read more
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