Nihal - Maadi British School Mentor

18 Dec, 2011

Nihal - Maadi British School Mentor

“Being responsible for carrying out clear, well defined tasks may not seem difficult but it becomes more challenging when the responsibilities you have at hand are open-ended and non-specific. This is how it feels to be the Technical Supervisor of the Girls’ Education Initiative. My job taught me to always be available to help overcome obstacles the schools might face.


The girl-friendly schools have a great environment, one that yields priceless treasures. They embrace not any girls but the girls of Egypt. They are girls who their rights to education were infringed upon. They may be seen as fragile but the schools empower them so as time passes by they become strong willed and highly disciplined. They may even become decision-makers. But unfortunately the majority still fears the future. They cannot predict what may happen in the coming year, whether they’ll keep pursuing their dream of holding the lowest educational qualifications or whether they would have a wedding ring on their finger.


However, one of the most important assets of the schools is improving the girls’ awareness of self-education through activities (which would motivate them into continuing their education even after leaving the schools). Inside the schools, the girls are exposed to all types of educational practices that include self-education along with learning from peers, cooperative learning, and learning through projects and educational toys.


The implementation of active learning gave the girl-friendly schools an edge to public schools. This is done through transforming the public school curriculum into attractive educational activities which provide good quality education and appeal to the poor particularly females living in the most disadvantaged areas. The active learning curriculum certainly contributed to the success of establishing the girl-friendly schools. The more I hear of the endless numbers of schools being built every year, the more I believe this initiative is a dream come true.”


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