Radwa Rabie

12 Oct, 2011

Radwa Rabie

School: El Ma’mal girl-friendly school

Age: 13

Grade: 6th


I was in a public school till 3rd grade. My teacher used to hit me with a big stick and he was really harsh. My parents forced me to drop out of school. Instead, they sent my sister, cousin and I to the girl-friendly school. I joined the school on its first year and I  met Ms. Rasha and Ms. Walaa and made a lot of friends. At the public school, they used to treat me badly and that’s why I dropped out. I didn’t know how to read and write while I was there and now I know how. In addition, the tuition fees were really expensive unlike that of the girl friendly school which is for free  and the teachers don’t slap or hit the students. The education level is really good here. I no longer have problems since I joined this school. I’d like thank those who built the school and those who hired our teachers. Thank god, I’ve now reached grade 6 and I’m planning to complete my education and go to grade 7 next year. My dream is to become a doctor. Thank you.


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