Salma Abou Hussein- A New Face in the Office

30 Jun, 2012

Salma Abou Hussein- A New Face in the Office

Before joining Springboard, I always wanted to work in the development sector. Coming in close contact with the underprivileged, the marginalized and the poor provides a unique perspective to life and its priorities I felt I was distant from. Upon finishing my mass communication undergrad degree at the American University in Cairo, I decided to shift my focus and pursue a master’s degree in development at University College London. The exposure I got from development studies made me even more eager and ready to put theories into practice. When I started visiting the schools as part of the Springboard team, it made me realize how little effort it actually took to make a big difference in someone else's life.  It sounds cliché, but the experience of just playing with the school girls and seeing the thankfulness, laughter and smiles they show feels rewarding. It is truly gratifying to be part of a project that aims at improving the livelihoods of Egyptian girls by providing spaces where they can be agents of change, challengers of stereotypes and the future women of Egypt.

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