Springboard Graduation Ceremony

15 Oct, 2016


October 5th, 2016, marked a very special day for Springboard. It is the day Apache honored 70 graduates from 35 Springboard schools in Fayoum who are currently enrolled in high schools to continue their education. The celebration commemorated the road that Springboard schools project team, students and teachers have traveled together. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Adel Abd El Moneim, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education- Fayoum Governorate, officials from the Ministry of Education, our partners at the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, and Mr. David Chi, Vice president and General Manager of Apache Egypt along with other guests from Apache, Sinopec, Khalda, and Qarun. Mr. Chi presented the awards and certificates to the students and their teachers. Mr. Chi also handed awards to Fayoum’s educational administration team appreciating their efforts towards the schools and the students.

“Apache know that you have big dreams and aspirations, we saw that when we honored some of the students from Minya earlier this year, we were surprised how ambitious they are and of course you are not different, which gives me the opportunity to tell you that Apache will try to help you achieve your dreams even after your graduation from the Springboard schools as long as you chase those dreams,” mentioned Mr. Chi.


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