What a Gift you have given to the Girls of Egypt!

30 Jul, 2007

What a Gift you have given to the Girls of Egypt!

Springboard is a great project that has made an impact on the underprivileged girls in villages in Egypt - from Minya in the south to the delta regions to the north and to the Fayoum areas to the west. I have personally witnessed young girls transformed from shy little girls that hide when a stranger walks by to young girls that welcome visitors when they arrive. Visitors like the Governor of their state, Suzanne Mubarak, Laura Bush and many others just to name a few of the visitors the schools have received during our involvement with the project. These young girls have improved their confidence and self esteem through education. Their opportunities and dreams have grown to new horizons that were never even considered prior to their educational opportunities that you helped provide. Unlike many of their parents that are illiterate, these girls will be able to explore and understand many things through books, newspapers, magazines – this is something many of us take for granted. Their thirst for education is amazing as many appear at the beautiful school every day of the week to learn, to experience educational opportunities that were never available to them before the school was built. What a gift you have given to these girls and to the country of Egypt! Now with their ability to read and write, they can make decisions and educate themselves on basic life skills and practices that were not comprehensible before their ability to read and write was introduced. Many of these girls are the first ones to read and write in their family. Apache, Springboard and you have made a difference! Thanks again for making a difference in the lives of underprivileged girls in Egypt and making distant dreams reality for 7000 girls in Egypt!

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